Provide advanced protection for your entire vehicle! Engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steering, differential. Replacement parts are expensive, extend their life with PolyDyn TX7.

PolyDyn TX7 is the most unique, and by far, the most superior engine treatment you can buy today. There simply is no better insurance to add life to your engine.

Does PolyDyn TX7 really work? Just ask the professionals. Who trusts PolyDyn TX7?  Only the biggest names in stock car and drag racing, NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, World Of Outlaws, SCCA, IndyCar, Monster Trucks, Boat Racing and many more!


PolyDyn TX7 is a revolutionary Polymer Based Engine Treatment. It coats vital engine parts reducing friction and heat. An application of PolyDyn TX7 Engine Treatment can add years to the life of your engine, increase its efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. The dramatic reduction of friction and parasitic drag inside the engine allows it to develop more power with the same amount of fuel, thus increasing RPMs and fuel efficiency. How does TX7 accomplish this? By burnishing TFE particles into the irregularities of the metal surfaces – where you once had metal to metal, you now have TFE to TFE. This reduces metal interface friction, heat build-up and increases efficiency.

PolyDyn TX7 Engine Treatment can be used in any engine new or old – even diesel engines. In a new engine it can be added as soon as the recommended break in period has been achieved, usually 4,000 to 7,000 miles. In an older engine, simply add during any routine oil change. It dramatically restores power in older, higher mileage engines. It also has been known to reduce oil consumption in older engines. By working into ring lands and allowing the rings to move freely again a better seal is achieved, TX7 increases compression, reduces oil consumption and engine smoking. Each TX7 treatment is good for approximately 20,000 miles. Since TFE is chemically inert, most solvents and detergents will not effect the treatment.

Only excessive and constant rubbing will cause some TFE erosion to occur. By treating at intervals of at least 12,000 miles or once annually, the maximum benefits can be maintained indefinitely. And unlike other engine treatments, TX7 particles are ground to a fraction of a micron. This allows them to pass through any filtration system.

Some other engine treatments get trapped in oil filters never making it to the engine. With the PolyDyn TX7 unique suspension process, the TFE particles stay in suspension and will not build up on themselves in critical areas – so it will not clog oil lines, oil ports, or oil filters. Another feature that sets TX7 apart from other engine treatments is the fact that temperature is not a factor in TFE bonding. TX7’s TFE bonding takes place at friction wear points regardless of engine temperature. Experience the difference today!

PolyDyn TX-7 Engine Treatment is a superior lubrication enhancement additive. What this means is that TX-7 will improve the performance properties of the engine oil that has been chosen for your car or truck. One property is, BETTER OIL FILM STRENGTH under adverse conditions, such as stop and go traffic or high ambient temperatures (hot days) when the engine is stressed. Another property is WEAR REDUCTION. This is achieved by the polymer that is in TX-7 burnishing on the moving parts of the engine. This polymer is a soft and easily transferable synthetic lubricant material.  As an engine runs this polymer will attach itself to the moving parts of the engine through a burnishing process. The benefit of this process is the depositing of the polymer on high friction contact points and surface voids throughout the engine. When this process occurs metal to metal contact within the engine is greatly reduced. This reduction occurs because this polymer attracts oil to the metal surfaces that it has burnished to and the lubricant film between the moving parts is significantly enhanced. Oil analysis of vehicles that have used TX-7 engine treatment have showing a reduction of soluble wear metals between 50% to 90%. These reductions equate to tremendous increase of the life of the moving components of the engine.  Another benefit from the use of TX-7 besides durability is efficiency. The combination of TX-7 ingredients reduces friction between the moving parts, keeping the oil film in place at all times and allowing the engine to run smoother and with less energy wasted. A motor that uses less energy to perform the task of moving the vehicle can and most times show improvement in fuel economy.

One of the big questions people ask is "Can I use TX-7 every oil change?" The answer is YES and if the vehicle is driven hard or used continuously the added protection from TX-7 will enhance the useful life of the engine.

"Can TX-7 be used in older engines with high mileage?" The answer is again YES. Older engines can have issues with parts that have sticking issues or not good mechanical interaction and TX-7 can free up these problems and bring back renewed performance.

"Can TX-7 be used in Diesel powered cars or trucks?" YES, TX-7 is improving the lubricant system in any vehicle.   Much of the performance information developed about TX-7 benefits has come from our work with the racing community. These automobiles perform their duties at very high speeds, where high loads on the engines, very high temperatures, oil pressures and oil film strength are most important to the durability, efficiency and performance of the race. These results which are outstanding have transferred to the cars and trucks used on roads and highways of today.    It is with great pride that we offer to you the best Engine Treatment on the market today, PolyDyn TX-7 Engine Treatment.

"Can TX7 be used with synthetic oils?" Absolutely, in fact the addition of TX7 to synthetic oil is very important with increased oil change intervals there is a greater chance of contamination and viscosity breakdown. TX7 maintains film strength of the oil protecting internal engine components.