Why Should I Put TX7 In My Car?

One Application Of TX7 Engine Treatment Can Add Years To The Life Of Your Engine, Increase It's Efficiency And Reduce Maintenance Costs, Making Your Investment Last Much Longer.

Can TX7 Be Used In Any Vehicle At Any Mileage?

Yes; TX7 Can Be Used In Any Engine As Soon As The Recommended Break-in Has Been Achieved. On New Engines That Is Generally 4000 To 7000 Miles. TX7 Also Dramatically Restores Power In Older Higher Mileage Engines.

How Long Does The TX7 Treatment Last?

The Initial Treatment Of TX7 In The Average Engine Is Good For Approximately 20,000 Miles. Since TFE Is Chemically Inert, Most Solvents And Detergents Will not have an effect on the treatment. Only Excessive And Constant Rubbing May Cause Some TFE Erosion To Occur. By Treating At Intervals Of 12,000 Miles, The Maximum Benefits Can Be Maintained Indefinitely. For most cars, this is every oil change or every other oil change. 

How Does TX7 Reduce Friction?

By Burnishing TFE Particles Into The Irregularities Of The Metal Surfaces. Where You Once Had Metal To Metal, You Now Have TFE To TFE. This Reduces Metal Interface Friction; Heat Build-up And Increases Efficiency.

Will Using TX7 Void The Manufacturer's Warranty?

No, TX7 Treatments Will Not Void The Manufacturer's Warranty. It Should Be Noted That It Is Extremely Important That You Change Fluids At The Manufacturer's Recommended Intervals and TX7 should not be used in new engines until the first recommended oil change occurs. 

Can TX7 Clog Oil Lines, Oil Ports Or Filters?

No, TX7 TFE Particles Are Ground To A Fraction Of A Micron, Thereby Allowing The Particles To Pass Through Any Filter System. Also, With Polydyn's Unique Suspension Process, The TFE Particles Stay In Suspension And Will Not Build-up On Themselves In Critical Areas. Such As Oil Passageways. This is unique to PolyDyn TX7 No Other TFE Engine Treatment On The Market Can Make This Claim.

How Soon Should I Change My Oil After Adding TX7?... And What About Transmission And Differential Treatments, Also?

Although TX7 Treatments Can Be Left In For Extended Intervals Without Causing Harmful Effects, We Believe That Your Engine Oil, As Well As Transmission And Differential Fluids Should All Be Changed At The Manufacturer's Recommended Interval Whether They Contain TX7 Treatments Or Not.

Will TX7 Reduce Oil Consumption In An Engine?

Yes, TX7 Has Been Known To Reduce Oil Consumption In Your Engines And Our New High Mileage TX7 Engine Treatment Has Been Shown To Reduce Friction and Reduce Oil Consumption In High Mileage, Older Engines. By Working Into The Ring Lands And Allowing The Rings To Move Freely Again, A Better Seal Is Achieved Thus Increasing Compression, Reducing Oil Consumption And Engine Smoking.

Why Do Many Engines Gain RPM's After Being Treated With TX7?

The Drastic Reduction Of Friction And Drag Inside The Engine Allows It To Develop More Power With The Same Amount Of Fuel, Thus Increasing RPM's.

How Can I Tell If TX7 Really Is Reducing Wear Inside My Engine So That My Engine Will Last Longer?

By Using Oil Analysis, Which Measures Wear On Metals And Other Chemical Changes In The Engine Oil, Engine Longevity Can Be Measured. Incredible Wear Reduction Occurs In Virtually Every TX7 Treated Engine. Independent Oil Analysis Reports Show Wear Reduction In Ranges From 50% To 90%. Less Wear Means Better Longer Lasting Engines.

How High Does The Engine Temperature Have To Go For TX7 TFE Bonding To Take Place?

Temperature Is NOT A FACTOR In TFE Bonding (Other Engine Treatment Products Cannot Make The Same Statement). TX7's TFE Bonding Takes Place At "Friction Wear Points" Regardless Of Engine Temperatures, And That Is Due To TX7's Unique Formulation And Mechanical Burnishing. It Is The Best Engine Treatment On The Market For Reducing Wear And Providing Advanced Protection For Your Engine As Proven By Over 20 Years On The Market With Over 1,000,000 Bottles Sold.

Is Tx7 Compatible With Other Fuel Systems?

Absolutely! TX7 Is Compatible With Other Fuel Systems Such As Diesel Or Propane, It Is Also Compatible With Synthetic, Conventional And High Mileage Oils. 

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