Original & High Mileage
Scientifically designed to work with your motor oil to protect and rejuvenate your engine. TX7 synthetic blend with TFE builds a powerful lubrication bond between your engine oil and all moving parts. INCREASE EFFICIENCY, REDUCE FRICTION, IMPROVE OIL PRESSURE, REDUCE OIL CONSUMPTION, REDUCE WEAR & INCREASE ENGINE LIFE with TX7 Original or high Mileage Engine Treatment.


Auto and Manual

Makes shifting easier! Extend the life of your transmission by reducing friction and lowering operating temperatures. Less drag improves gear life. Transmissions are expensive, extend the life of your transmission with a bottle of TX7 Manual or Automatic Transmission Treatment.



& Power Steering
TX7 Differential Treatment protects the gears by drastically reducing friction, which results in the differential running cooler and greatly prolongs the life of the gears. 
TX7 Power Steering Treatment quiets noisy, growling, whining power steering pumps and prolongs the life of the power steering system. Prolongs rack and pinion life by burnishing protective coating into the metal surfaces.

PolyDyn 2A Gun Oil

Like Liquid Ball Bearings

Designed to add the best possible lubrication to your firearm. Long lasting lubrication reduces friction and heat which protects the critical parts of your weapon.

For use in all firearms. Use in normal or EXTREME CONDITIONS. 

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