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TX7 Test

This information refers to the addition of the product TX7 Engine Treatment (Original) and the related reduction in wear metals. The oil analysis and wear metal testing was performed at Analysts, Inc. in Sugar Land, Texas where both Polymer Dynamics, Inc. and Tidewater Marine conducted testing on a monthly basis on two (2) engines, Darlene Tide and Mary Tide. Both are tugboat EMD engines with a history of overheating. The results are shown in parts per million (ppm) and are accurate within 1/2% (0.05%). The initial base line readings are an average of the 3 samples prior to addition of TX7 Engine Treatment (Original). The following readings show a marked reduction of the wear metals in the engines, which are interpreted as follows:

1. Engine components and internal parts will last longer as compared to higher levels of wear metals in the engine oil.

2. Reduction of down time and mechanical repairs.

3. Not shown here are the improved fuel consumption figures and lower operating temperatures which were present but, by design, not the results being studied with this test.

An examination of the pertinent wear metals by the figures afforded by the Spectrochemical Analysis reveals the following percentage of wear metals reduction:

Why Wear Metal Testing

Various components, which see reduction of wear and extended life, are defined by the wear metals they "give up." These metals are then dispersed in the engine oil. Therefore, higher levels in the used engine oil show greater wear. Reduction in wear metals in Spectrochemical analysis, prove better lubrication and friction which is the main cause of wear in an engine. 



The Final Results

TX7 Should be reintroduced at each oil change interval. Also included are these related findings relayed by the Port Engineer at Texas City, Texas, Mr. Larry E. Plunk. He stated that oil pressure was increased and operating temperatures decreased. Although this was not part of the study and there is no data involved here, he noticed these other significant benefits which warranted notice. 

Mary Tide results provided by Analysts Inc. Report #60163 averaged over 3 months tested one time per month.


Darlene Tide results provided by Analysts Inc. Report #59632 averaged over 3 months tested one time per month.

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