Video Testimonials

Carl Addresses Club Questions

Carl Addresses questions from the FaceBook group called the Ford Excursion Club. More Questions? Call us at PolyDyn 888-POLYDYN and ask for Carl Benton.

Mike Starr of Team Texas

Mike Starr of Team Texas describes how he uses TX7 Engine Treatment. "LIKE AN INSURANCE POLICY FOR YOUR ENGINE!"

Kevin King

Driver of Fluffy Truck, Kevin King uses TX7 in his Monster Truck!

Carl Talks about TX7- IROC Years

Carl talks about how racing was influenced by TX7.

Why is TX7 Important?

Carl talks about why TX7 is important for your engine and why it is different from anyone else. Please contact PolyDyn directly with any questions.

Why is TX7 UNIQUE?

Carl Talks about why TX7 is so unique. There is no other product like it. With 25 years of performance testing under the most extreme conditions.

Mike Morgan Bicycle TX7

Did you know TX7 can be used on Bicycles? Check out what racer Mike Morgan has to say about why he uses TX7.

Ed Cooper Jr.

Ed Cooper Jr., one of the ‘Winningest speed boat racers gives a shout out for PolyDynl

Carl Talks TX7- Film Strength

What is it about Film Strength? Less friction, better lubrication, more horsepower. TX7 in your engine!

John Garner Testimonial

Performance Proven Protection from PolyDyn TX7 Engine Treatment.

Dale Creasy Jr Testimonial

Dale Creasy Jr has been using TX7 for over 20 years. Performance Proven Protection!

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